and she flew away…..


“Iris” 24″ x 36″ mixed media on canvas 2012 *Sold*


Just a few days ago I sold this lovely painting.  To see her soar away into the universe is a symbolic gesture and the last string in letting go of my past.  Her flying away completes a journey for me.  She was created during a time in my life when my own path suddenly became unknown. I was in a five-year relationship with a man whom I thought loved me as much as I loved him, but I was blindsided and my heart was broken like never before. Her wings are constructed out of a string lantern which I had previously created for what once was a dining room i shared with him. In the process of gathering and moving my possessions the string lantern collapsed and became the wings of Iris.

Iris is painted on a piece of stretched canvas that came free to me at a church yard sale while living in Woodstock, New York in 2007. She is in essence a painting filled with many different layers of past memories and moments. Out of all the paintings I have created and worked on, Iris will forever represent to me a time of major collapse, rebirth and transition in my own life.

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