tea time with cats


“tea time” pastel and charcoal on paper 7″ x 10″


“tea time again” watercolor and pen on paper 7″ x 10″


sketches from here and there

creative moments in process


“I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn’t say any other way – things I had no words for….. ”  Georgia O’Keeffe 


the beginning of a 22″ x 30″  acrylic painting on birch panel board


ideas forming with magic watercolor powder and gel pens on paper


Happy Solstice 


Happy lovely winter solstice to all! Welcome the light! 

Woodland animals 

  I created this little collage piece for my cutest new 10 month old nephew Theo.  It’s my first time being an auntie and I wanted to make him a special gift that had something with a lot of color, cuteness and texture. Happy holidays! 

‘Tis the season 


  In lieu of the holidays I started some sketches the other day of animals dressed in wintery holiday scarves; red panda,llama, rabbit, owl and of course my favorite the sloth:) 

I decided they would be perfect as ornaments, so this is a picture of them in the making! Cheers. 



a new small painting in progress

FullSizeRender (6)

A new 10″x 10″ mixed media painting in progress


New Autumn Show

IMG_4797 (1)

My new autumn show at the lovely Madrona Hill Cafe in North Portland!

what is in your mind.

process it 

through your heart.

it comes out 

through your hands



lena lucas

ideas are emerging 

Autumnal winds 9″x12″ watercolor and collage on paper

Audubon painting


“birdflower” 6″ x 6″ mixed media with dried flower petals 2015


Every year the local Portland Audubon Society hosts the Wild Arts Festival here in Portland Oregon. This is my third year participating in their 6″x 6″ show. Local artists from around the region paint, draw or collage a bird for the show on a free 6″x6″ canvas. Each painting is sold for a set price and all proceeds go to supporting the Audubon Society!!! I love birds and all places that nurture, rescue and rehabilitate any wild animal. So for me this is always a fun way to offer my gratitude for their kindness towards our lovely local birds. 🙂

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